"I sleep better at night every time I read this testimonial page. Thank you."
                                                              Eric Slaugh, the original Starving Plumber 
Thank you, thank you to all our customers for whom we've supplied plumbing services since we started our company in 1978. We could not have said it better ourselves. Well, maybe we could.

"They replaced old cast iron, and we now have the best material out there. They tested the material before they left, and it's in better condition than it was before. I oversee workmanship in my business, and feel these guys know what they are doing, and do it well. And so, I also recommend them to my clients."

                          Elizabeth & Robert T  Foresight Property Inspections

"Great service for a nice price."

                        Lynn B., Corte Madera 

"I was having major plumbing issues and had never called a plumber in my life. Your plumber came out and took care of everything the same day. Your rates were way less than the other estimates I was getting, and the service was great.

I will definitely use you guys again."

                             Marie C., San Ra

"I've used Starving Plumbers for a big job with a leaking bathtub. I got three estimates and they were around half the cost of the other two. Saved me almost $2,000. Then last year my kitchen faucet blew out. Had to turn off the water under the sink to avoid major flooding. They fixed the problem quickly and cheaply, less than $400, including a new faucet. I can?t recommend these guys highly enough."                                                                 Martha R., San Rafael