Senior Discount 60+

10% OFF

Parts Only 

Congratulations, you're 60+. You can now enjoy our Senior Discount for parts only, any time and every time we make a plumbing service call.

(Maximum discount of $100)

Water Heater Installation

$100 OFF

If you've been thinking of replacing your old water heater, our special pricing on water heater installation should make your thinking even easier.

Starving Plumbers offers periodic specials, discounts and rebates on our plumbing products and services to make our value-conscious philosophy come to life for everyone in Marin.

New Customer Discount

$25 OFF

First Service Call

We're constantly looking for new customers. Who isn't? We want to make it worth your while, so in addition to our friendly, experienced, personable plumbers, we're offering new customers a special discount.

(Not applicable with referral service customers)